May 4, 2013

First post

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Actually, I'd try to refrain from the term "blog" in the future. I was just trying to create a small website for my Android projects and since that process distracted me from... well, my Android projects, this form seemed to be the simplest solution.

Sorry for the primitive design, I'm always struggling with that part. I'll try to improve it in the following weeks. About the content... I don't really want this page to be full of unorganized text (as I said before, not a blog), more like just a few key pages about my games (see the navigation bar above) with short descriptions, some pictures and links. This section will be used less frequently, only for important announcements.

I've spent the past five months working on a unique little puzzle platform game, Steve and Celeste, which I'm very excited about. Most of the program is already finished, currently I'm designing the levels and fighting compatibility issues. I hope that I can publish it before the end of June on the Google Play Store. Stay tuned!

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