September 12, 2013

New app: Display Check

Yesterday I've made a little app for performing some basic screen resolution / color tests. With the ever increasing pixel densities on high-end smartphone and tablet displays, I wanted to see the size of a single pixel on different devices. The most certain way to do that was to write the app myself. The rest of the functions came after that, of course they're pretty standard and can be found in any similar tool. Nevertheless, I've tried to keep everything nice and user-friendly.

September 1, 2013

Survey results

A month ago I have put together a survey focusing on the current trends in the mobile gaming industry (click here to see the questions). Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete it, I now have a fair number of opinions to consider.

Because of the fact that most of the questions weren’t compulsory, the numbers in the graphs below sometimes don’t add up to the total number of participants. Let’s see the results!

August 2, 2013

Market research

That's a fancy title, isn't it? Anyway, since my first two Android games didn't really become successful (yet!), despite the fact that most of the reviewers who actually spent time with them gave very positive feedback, I've come to the conclusion that the problem was with the genres. I've checked the most popular games on the Play Store and decided to do something completely different - well, in retrospect that wasn't one of my brightest ideas.

So before starting my next project I've made a survey with 25 short questions about mobile games and the various business strategies used in the industry today. Thanks to Google+, I've already received a surprisingly high number of answers. I'm going to publish the results in a few days, and based on the initial statistics I'm pretty sure that it's going to be interesting.

If you have five minutes, please complete it. I've tried to make it fun and your answers would be a great help probably not only for me but for other developers as well!

Update: Thank you for the answers, the survey is now closed. Click here to see the results.

July 16, 2013

Steve and Celeste walkthrough

A few days ago I've made a video walkthrough for the Windows version of Steve and Celeste. The levels are basically the same on Android too, just try to forget about the two additional "screens" on both sides. So if you ever get frustrated on one of the 28 levels, here is a complete guide to collect all the hearts in the game. (Press the Read more button to see the video)

July 14, 2013

New game: Nightfall Lands

I've just finished porting one of my old games to Android and Windows 8. The new title is Nightfall Lands and it's quite a complex little app compared to Steve and Celeste, this one actually takes a few hours to complete if you want to unlock all of the achievements. The game is a simple isometric action-RPG where you can create and customize your character, talk to NPC-s, help them solve their little problems while gathering money and strength to complete your main quest.

Unlike most fantasy role-playing games, I've tried to keep the story and the gameplay mechanics simple. There are 16 different regions to explore, three playable character casts with different skills (Warrior, Wizard, Rogue), four races with unique buildings, a trading system, hidden treasures, logic puzzles, 5 magic spells, optional quests and lots of other features to keep the players interested. Again, the main advantage of the game in my opinion is that I've managed to keep all of these things from being confusing, they're gradually introduced and hopefully don't intimidate the casual players.

June 10, 2013

Steve and Celeste for Windows 8

Three weeks after the first release of the game the latest version is v1.0.6 (I recommend downloading it from Google Play, I've left a small graphical bug in the Amazon version. Because of their long review process, I don't want to update there until the next major release). Unfortunately I couldn't come up with any new levels and the background music is missing too, but I'll definitely work on those features in the next few weeks.