July 8, 2014

New game: Space Smuggler

A week ago I have released my latest game, Space Smuggler for Windows and a few days later  the Android version was ready as well. Because of the competition's deadline this probably has been my most demanding project so far and it was great seeing how the game evolved a little each day.

I somehow managed to include most of the stuff from my original plans. Of course there are a few things that still need work but I'll leave those for future updates.

Space Smuggler has three parts: the galaxy map where you can customize your ship and choose your next destination, a side scrolling shooter part where you travel between two points on the map - this means fighting enemy space ships - and a platformer part each time the character lands on a planet.

The game features realistic physics, cartoonish graphics, 3D audio, and roughly 35-40 minutes of gameplay that tells the story of a former smuggler trying to escape from prison. The narrative has a somewhat interesting twist in the middle, but I don't want to spoil the fun. All in all, this title is a little more complex than my previous works.

After completing the last mission something called the Endless Mode becomes available. The players' highscore in this mode is the basis for the online leaderboards that is available in the Android version.

Other differences between the two releases include the existence of achievements on Android, so despite the fact that I still need to do some playtesting to fine-tune the difficulty curve on touch screens, I recommend the mobile version of the game. Minor updates will be coming in the next few weeks to both.

Sidenote: because of the deadline I wasn't able to compose original music for this game and after seeing the quality of free content available on the internet, I honestly ran out of motivation. As a result, the sound effects and the main menu's theme are modified files that originate from freesound.org (they are all licensed under Creative Commons Zero) and the game contains three pieces of instrumental background music: "The Complex", "Full On" and "Hitman", all of them created by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) and licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. The music of the trailer below is "Broken Reality" by the same composer.

If you like the game, besides the usual Play Store rating, I'd like to ask for your vote on this contest entry too. I've spent way too many sleepless nights with development and it would be great to have the game reach a wider audience.


To download the version for Windows PC-s, click here.

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