June 14, 2014

App and website updates (+Space Smuggler)

During the past few weeks I've finally managed to update all of my apps on the Play Store, integrating some new features and services as well as fixing the final issues with them. This round of updates increments the main version numbers to 2, and I'd like to think of it as the last big modification for my current lineup. Furthermore, this website has undergone some major improvements as well: I finally took the time to design a decent banner and the entire color scheme has been changed to achieve a slightly more professional look. I've also uploaded the final Windows versions of Steve and Celeste and Nightfall Lands.

The most significant changes that all four apps have in common are performance improvements, removing the ad-banners in favor of full-screen advertisements (they only appear very rarely), updated iconography to support more resolutions and, last but not least, removed compatibility with old versions of Android (you'll need to have at least 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich - I'm sorry if you don't but I had my reasons). Now let's go through the most significant changes in each app, one by one.

1 - Steve and Celeste


This one being my oldest and probably most polished game, there's not much to talk about. There were some minor bug fixes regarding the audio part and I've also updated the links in the About section. The most important change here is an optional In-App Purchase that permanently removes all ads from the game - this costs $1.99.

2 - Nightfall Lands


The same In-App Purchase is present in Nightfall Lands as well, for the same price. This update also features a number of minor fixes and a major one too: the character's initial speed has been greatly increased. The slow walking speed of the original version was probably the worst thing in the game - I wanted to make players genuinely happy for the first new pair of boots that increases the walking speed, however most of them got bored and quit long before reaching that point in the story... Anyway, things should be better now.


3 - DeVille Pizza


Despite the fact that this game was supposed to be a small project, I really started to hate the way it looks on the Play Store near my other apps. As a result the entire design has been remade from scratch, using a less aggressive color palette, more rounded edges and a new font. Of course the result is still far from the professional level, but at least it is consistent with my other works.


4 - Display Check


Another design update. The old, plain gray background has been replaced by a more colorful, dynamic solution. Besides this, the About section has been updated too.


 +1 - Space Smuggler 


All of the updates mentioned above have one goal in common: I wanted to finalize my past projects, fixing every little detail that annoyed me as a preparation for my next game. Now that I'm more or less satisfied with the "older" programs and this website as well, I can finally focus all my energy on a project that I'm very excited about: Space Smuggler. As you can see, there is a new section dedicated to this title. I'm going to share more details about it in the near future, but for now the most important things are:
  • The game is being made for the 2014 Indie Game Development Contest.
  • I've started working on it this month and it will be ready before June 30.
  • Despite the short development time, Space Smuggler is going to be more complex than any of my previous games (this might sound a little over-ambitious but based on my progress so far, I have reasons to be optimistic)
  • Initially it will only support Windows PC-s, but the Android version will follow the first release as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more! 

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