May 17, 2014

New game: DeVille Pizza (+updates)

Because of a few problems with some restrictions regarding my old Google account, I was forced to create a new one. Fortunately I was able to transfer all of my games without any inconvenience.

Now I'm using the updated AdMob which requires me to modify all of my old apps. Furthermore I've started experimenting with the Google Play Games services (online leaderboards, achievements, cloud saving, etc.) so there will be some quite significant updates to my games in the following weeks.

The first result of this experimentation is a simpler puzzle game: DeVille Pizza. The gameplay is very straightforward, you just have to follow the recipes to create as many pizzas as possible before the time runs out. Because of the toppings' random positions and the online highscore table, this game could get really addictive after you familiarize yourself with the button graphics.

Besides achievements and the online leaderboard the game also features a minimal Facebook-integration. These social aspects of Android gaming are very new to me (in the past I've kept my distance), so I'm really interested in their effects over this game's popularity.

Again, this is a simpler app that I've put together in two weeks. I do have a more complex title in the works, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile have fun with DeVille Pizza!

The game is available on the Play Store, you can download it by clicking on the button above. If you like it, please consider writing a review!

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