July 18, 2015

New game: Feel the Beat

My latest game is available today and, despite its rather simple gameplay it's quite probably my best looking app to date, being heavily inspired by Google's Material design.

This little app measures the players' sense of rhythm, more precisely their ability to keep the tempo going after the main beat is silenced. It offers detailed statistics after each play and a relatively complex scoring system, so it could also be used as a training tool. The game also features online leaderboards, to make things more fun.

In the case of Feel the Beat most of the development time was spent messing around with the individual transition effects to make the interface clean and elegant in every little detail. I'm very excited about the results, I think the app is a decent effort both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view.

I haven't come across any Android apps that offer the same features so there is a chance someone might find it useful, maybe even fun. If there ever is a need for it, I will definitely add new features, but for the time being this is what I had in mind. The app can be downloaded for free, without any ads (the IAP is an optional "Buy me a beer" deal, it doesn't unlock additional content).

All art generated by the Android Asset Studio is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

I'm very interested in whether someone will reach the 100% score - as a hobby musician I used to think that I have a decent sense of rhythm but my top scores are around 85%. This guy knows the feeling...

As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback. If you like the game, please rate it or write a review. Click on the button below to grab the game and have fun!


To download a simplified version for Windows PC-s, click here.

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