May 16, 2015

New game: Shade Runner

I'm proud to present a new game that has just been published on Google Play. This project might seem rather simple at first glance but it's quite probably my most polished effort to date.

In Shade Runner your goal is to try and collect as many points as possible while avoiding the cells that have a slightly different color. As you progress, the speeds get higher and the different shades become more and more difficult to distinguish.

The game is easy to learn, challenging enough and definitely addictive so look out :) It features multiple ways to earn points that later can be spent on upgrades offering new powers. These basically unlock new gameplay elements that keep the experience fresh and they can only be purchased with skills and time, real money won't help you here.

Since only a limited number of these bonuses can be activated before each play, they offer different strategies to earn more and more points and, in my opinion are quite fun to experiment with (I'm still looking for the best combination - it really depends on your mood and playing style).

As usual, the game is free to play with minimal advertisement that can be removed for the price of one beer. I'm very much looking forward to your feedback and plan to implement new features in case there is interest in it. Ne

For some reason I always seem to come up with games that don't look the best on screenshots so please donát take a look at the video trailer too:

You can download the game to your Android devices running Android 4.0.2 or higher by clicking on the button below. Don't forget to leave a review if you like it!

As usual, I've also made a simplified version for Windows too that you can download from here. Please keep in mind that because this game was primarily designed for touchscreen devices and Google Play, many features have been removed.

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