August 21, 2014

Copycat games

So this isn't one of my proudest moments but since my more original and considerably more complex pojects are struggling to get any attention, I've decided to try an easier way.

In this month two brand new games were added to my account: WoodChopper and ChopperMadness. Both took me under 5 hours to make and both feature very annoying gameplay experiences in my opinion. However the recent success of some indie colleagues seems to prove that there is a market for such creations, so here you go, these are my interpretations of Timberman and Swing Copters respectively. Think of it as a social experiment...

In general I've tried to adjust the difficulties of the original games and improve on the graphical style as well (I'm not a big fan of pixel art). Both apps feature online leaderboards and an increased number of ads compared to my previous games, but they still have less ads than the originals. The current versions are relatively simple but I plan to add additional features (customizable characters for instance) if there is an audience for it.


Click on the icons above to find out more about the apps or to download them to your Android device. I've also updated the Other apps section to include these games as well. If you happen to like them, please don't forget to leave a review.

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