July 14, 2013

New game: Nightfall Lands

I've just finished porting one of my old games to Android. The new title is called Nightfall Lands and it is an isometric action-RPG where you can create and customize your character, talk to NPC-s, help them solve their problems while gathering money and experience to complete your main quest. It might take more than a few hours to complete if you want to unlock all of the achievements.

Unlike most fantasy role-playing games, I've tried to keep the story and the gameplay mechanics simple. There are 16 different regions to explore, three playable character casts with different skills (Warrior, Wizard, Rogue), four races with unique buildings, a trading system, hidden treasures, logic puzzles, 5 magic spells, optional quests and lots of other features to keep the players interested. Again, the main advantage of the game in my opinion is keeping all of these things from being confusing, they're gradually introduced and hopefully don't intimidate the casual players.

About the Android version: unfortunately most program parts were written by four-years-younger-me and weren't optimized for mobile platforms. I've tried my best to reduce the CPU usage but you'll still need an unreasonably strong device to play the game without lags. It runs perfectly smooth on my Nexus 7, there are no problems on the HTC One X either and the performance is okay on the Sony XPERIA U as well. However, my HTC Wildfire S has a really hard time with it, the game is unplayably laggy which is a shame since I've spent many hours with optimizing the resolution of the app to look nice on small screens like that one.

The game is free, it contains a few ads but I'm sure that they won't bother anyone. I used to be proud of the fact that every graphical element, sound effect and background music in the app is original, however, now I see that there are better quality resources online for free. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the game. Please leave a review on Google Play if you like it!

You can download the app by clicking on the button below

I've also made a short trailer, here it is:

And of course there is a new section on the blog about Nightfall Lands, you can find it here.

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